Rok Erdentug

Rok Erdentug hails from Camberwell and lists his very wide musical preferences as metal, rock, country, folk and punk rock. Rok joined Redriffe in the summer of 2017 but has history with singer Fish Tovell, having played with him for several years in the highly-rated south London band, Circle Of Fear. Since Redriffe’s beginnings, Rok has always kept in touch and came along to many of our gigs so it was a natural thing for him to come on board when the opportunity arose.

If he was marooned on a desert island, Rok would like a hut to sleep in but apart from that he’d be very happy with the beach and sunshine. Born under Aquarius, Rok is a pretty laid back sort of guy and he really enjoys band life. As befits someone whose favourite Simpsons character is the inventor and scientist Professor Frink, Rok can usually be found drinking a coke and tinkering with his Pearl drum kit and Zildjian cymbals.